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Facebook Linked Website

Havering Local Businesses Will Create

 The Most Powerful Website To Date,

Not having a website is like buying a Rolls Royce in a car showroom and putting a £1 petrol in it, So for £35 a month we will create a beautiful website for your business, A website from a Facebook Page is the most powerful & amazing website around, Google ranks websites on content, So simple posting regular content on to your Facebook Page it automatically updates your website,

I bet your competitor has a website that only gets updated once a year or so, But your website will be so much more powerful, So Google will rank you higher in Local Searches,

Allowing Havering Local Businesses to creating a professional business website, which includes domain and hosting.  Also the site gets updated automatically based on the business's Facebook Page updates. When you update your FB page, your website gets updated in an instant.

Here are some examples,

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Get a responsive, search engine optimized website from a Facebook Page in less than 3 minutes.

* Facebook Sync

 Your website content is synced with your Facebook Page, so your content will be updated automatically.

* Mobile-Optimized (Responsive)
Your website will look great on any device. This will help you gain customers no matter how they find you.

* Search Visibility (SEO)
The more people find your site, the more site traffic you’ll receive

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